AquaPedal™ is a patented hands-free, pedal-operated water-saving device for kitchen, bathroom and other faucets. It reduces water use by up to 80% and helps prevent the spread of germs. AquaPedal pays for itself in just months and is incredibly quick and easy to install.

Saving Water. Saving Money. One Faucet at a Time.™

Use as little as 20% of faucet water. Reduces energy used to heat the water by inefficient gas water heaters and demands on sewer systems.

Aquapedal’s unique patented mechanical design works worldwide without grid power or batteries.

Installing AquaPedal will save billions in water infrastructure costs while reducing the consumption of natural resources otherwise required for those deferred infrastructure improvements.



Complete your sink activities faster while reducing your exposure to germs living on your faucets.

Inexpensive to Buy

Can pay for itself in 6 months or less by reducing your monthly water and energy bills.

Easy to Install

Typically installs in under 30 minutes with just a screwdriver and drill.  No need to crawl under your sink to change batteries.

Conserve Energy

No power? No problem.  Water still flows.  Doesn’t need electric power grid or batteries  to operate.

Lifetime Warranty

Decades of problem-free use or we’ll replace your AquaPedal™ for free!


Run your water from a trickle to full blast.  It’s as easy as stepping on your gas pedal!!

“Saving water with the AquaPedal is as easy as wasting water.”

Surabhi Nagrath, Cleantech Consultant