Our Company

  • will employ efficient low-impact manufacturing, using 100% recyclable materials, with an expected 20-year product lifecycle to reduce our environmental impact
  • will offer an exceptional pay-it-forward free-goods program for low income families – our GO!GO! Promise
  • will manufacture locally in the US and in other countries where AquaPedal™ will be sold
  • will work with local sheltered workshops, disabled veterans and similar organizations to perform final assembly, packaging and/or shipping
  • will provide living wages, benefits, and a positive work environment for all our employees; fair treatment of all non-employee stakeholders
  • Our profits will enable us to implement all these company, environmental and social programs


  • Our GO!GO! Promise – Get One! Give One! – will provide an opportunity for our customers to “pay it forward” and help give an AquaPedal free of charge to a low income or needy household. We will provide the AquaPedal at our cost
  • We will buy locally or regionally-wherever in the world AquaPedal™ will be produced
  • To the greatest degree possible, for our final assembly, packaging, and shipping, we will work with sheltered workshops, returning veterans groups, and other social agencies/non-profits in the US and wherever AquaPedal™ is being manufactured to provide meaningful, fairly compensated work to individuals typically excluded from the general workforce
  • In cities and towns in the US and, eventually, around the world where water is a scarce resource, we will help more people actually have water flowing from their faucets – because, where a water infrastructure exists, but there is insufficient water for everyone, reducing total faucet water consumption by up 80% "creates" water for more people throughout the water system


  • We will help save billions of gallons of potable water – the most precious, indispensable, and irreplaceable of all natural resources!
  • We will help save millions of cubic feet of natural gas and megawatts of electric energy
  • We will help save tons of nonrenewable natural resources, such as iron, copper, oil, timber and other extractive natural resources that would otherwise go into infrastructure construction
  • We will help reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and deadly carbon monoxide emissions within homes, both produced in quantity by the very inefficient combustion chambers of most gas water heaters


  • Our profits will help us take care of our many stakeholders – customers, employees, independent contractors, vendors, and investors – all of whom have contributed to make AquaPedal a success
  • Our profits will help national and international non-profits, NGOs, and charities around the world