Green Festival

What an Incredible Surprise!

This past weekend the AquaPedal™ team exhibited our hands-free, pedal-operated water and energy saving device for the very first time – a soft launch.  For me, it was also my first time at the Green Festival.

I was truly blown away by how cordial, receptive, and optimistic both attendees and exhibitors were.

I have two-part theory why.

Most environmentally conscious folks know how serious this unprecedented drought is.  Instead of being sad about depressing news (there’s enough these days), most attendees are actively involved in one or more solutions.

When you feel you’re involved in being part of a solution, the action you take makes you feel empowered and optimistic.  Folks know that they are contributing and working toward an end-goal, and this manifests itself into positive thinking.

It’s a good feeling to be part of this community.

It’s a good feeling to be contributing to an important cause.

Thank you!

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