The AquaPedal™ Product

Finalist at the SSV WEST 2014 Summit Contest


AquaPedal™ is a patented hands-free, pedal-operated water-saving device for faucets. It’s easy to use, quick to install and seamlessly integrates into all sink activities.

  • AquaPedal reduces faucet water use and the energy needed to heat that water by up to 80% for all sink activities in any residential sink and millions of commercial and institutional sinks
  • AquaPedal reduces greenhouse gases and deadly carbon monoxide produced by inefficient and incomplete combustion in gas water heaters
  • AquaPedal reduces bacterial and viral faucet cross-contamination in homes – and in daycare centers, elementary schools, assisted living facilities, and any place where cross-contamination creates significant health concerns
  • AquaPedal can save household money every month forever on their utility bills, and pays for itself in as little as 9 – 12 months
  • By deferring, canceling, or reducing water and sewer infrastructure expansion projects, on a societal level, AquaPedal can help save society billions of dollars, millions of tons of irreplaceable natural resources consumed in such projects, years of traffic congestion and related air pollution, and other personal and civic costs and inconveniences

Twelve months of field tests, user interviews, and market research all clearly indicate that AquaPedal™ will permanently change user behavior – unlike many other behavioral conservation devices, which have been shown to have an effective “shelf life” of less than a year before being rejected by the users.